Birmingham’s Michelin-starred Restaurants

Birmingham currently holds five Michelin-starred restaurants, the most outside of England’s capital.

The ‘Michelin Guide for Great Britain and Ireland’ released its 2016 edition. In it, Carters of Mosley gained a star, making it the fifth Michelin-starred restaurant in Birmingham alongside Simpsons, Adam’s, Turners and Purnell’s.

Marketing Birmingham member, Emma Gray commented on this feat, expressing how Birmingham has ‘one of the most exciting and innovative food scenes in the UK’ to offer.

She continued on to say: “Birmingham has a growing reputation as a food lover’s heaven, with nearly 60% of visitors making their way to the city each year to experience its unique gastronomic offering. With an award-winning street food scene and plethora of independent festivals and markets, Birmingham’s culinary scene is now more exciting than ever. It is no surprise that the city attracted a record 34 million visitors last year.

Food has always played an important part in Birmingham’s overall tourism offer but right now there is a real buzz about its culinary scene. Having five Michelin-starred restaurants will further strengthen its reputation and will be a big draw for visitors, as well as attracting more of the very best culinary stars.

Manchester, on the other hand, missed out on the celebrations. Over forty new restaurants have opened their doors in the city, some striving for a Michelin star.

Editor of Michelin Guide for Great Britain and Ireland, Rebecca Burr expressed her belief of Manchester being placed under an ‘unfair spotlight’ following the release of ‘Restaurant Wars: The Battle for Manchester’ last year.

She said, “Manchester’s a vibrant energetic city with a good food scene but that doesn’t automatically mean that one of its restaurants will get a star. It’s measured in the same way that we would look at Liverpool which doesn’t have any stars.

We’ve been to Manchester and have inspectors who don’t like far away, but we can’t give out a star just because the city is in the headlines. That wouldn’t be true to what we represent.

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