How to Get a Job in Hospitality

If you’re seeking out a job role in hospitality, then you’re at the right place!

hotel jobsWorking in hospitality can present itself with many benefits. For some, they can narrow down what they find most enjoyable to two main things: people and diversity.

Hospitality allows you meet all kinds of different individuals either through your colleagues or those whom you are looking after that each have diverse, cultured backgrounds. Again, the diverse work that you come across, especially during times of events, you will approach every day as a new challenge and, ultimately, be learning as you’re working!

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Sun Boosts Hospitality!

Boosted by the sunshine and The Ashes cricket, pubs and bars nationwide have seen takings increase by 20 per cent since May – driven mostly by visitors seeking out the sunshine.

Restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars across the country have high hopes of posting similar numbers in the coming days with the heatwave due to continue beyond the weekend.

With Met Office warnings now in place across the country, environmental health consultancy Perry Scott Nash has urged hospitality businesses to take the correct action to prevent the health problems, those which the ‘potentially harmful’ hot weather can cause for customers.

Sales are soaring

A number of businesses have been basking in the glory of more profitable trading since the recent hot spell began, with sales take a noticeable hike due to the influx of customers.

Although The Ashes had an impact, visitors have been drawn to the restaurants and bars, particularly those that offer access to roof-top terraces and outside areas. Customers want to be enjoying the beautiful weather and this is good for all areas of the hospitality industry.

Hotels have reported increased bookings across the board as a result of the good weather, with people prepariong to choose to holiday at home rather than head abroad.

Warning’s are issued

Last Wednesday was the hottest day of the year so far and although this weekend is expected to be much cooler, temperatures are set to soar again later next week. Bearing this in mind Perry Scott Nash has released the following advice for hospitality businesses:

  • Open windows and pull down blinds to stop the harmful rays hiking the temperature indoors.
  • Avoid going outside for prolonged periods between 11am and 3pm, this is when the sun is most dangerous.
  • Staff working outside should be wearing different clothing, if appropriate, and should be encouraged to wear hats and apply high-factor sun screen. Customers should be advised to sit in the shade when available.
  • Ensure a constant supply of clearly-displayed drinking water is available. Lack of fluids in the current weather can cause serious damage.
  • Pay special care and attention to older, less physically-fit employees. Also, those with heart, lung or kidney problems, those with diabetes, those on medications and any pregnant members of staff should all be watched carefully as they’ll find themselves potenitally struggling in the hot weather.
  • Move anyone suffering from heat stress to a cool, shaded area and give them water immediately. This is to boost their fluid levels and it aids the body in recovery.