Hospitality and the Digital World

Hospitality and the Digital World

How hotels are changing because of COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the hospitality sector – forever. As a result of COVID-19, hotels (as well as most other industries) were forced into a situation where they had to adapt their day-to-day routines for the safety of their employees and hotel guests. Although some changes are short-term, there are some practices that will be the ‘new normal’ for the majority of hotels. If you’d like to know more about the ways hotels are changing from 2021 onwards, you’re in the right place.

A shift to the outdoors

With being in and out of several lockdowns, many people seized the opportunity to take walks in nature to get some (much-needed) fresh air. This love of spending time outdoors has also been recognised by hotels. So, hospitality industries have worked on improving their landscape and outdoor settings to increase guest usage. Whether this is to rent the outdoor space for events or occasions, or for an outdoor dining experience, there is a greater emphasis on the outdoors and hotels are all for it.

Embracing the digital world

Many hotels have created apps to create an effortless and time-efficient experience for their guests. Whether this is to book rooms, talk to hotel staff, ask for room service, or check in, many people are loving this contactless method of interaction. Some hotels are even creating mobile keys for their guests to enter their room – how future-forward is that for you? Of course, this type of technology can be expensive, so some hotels are moving a lot quicker than others.

Fine dining services are evolving

With the pandemic, hotels had to reconsider how they are going to deal with dining choices for their guests. Some hotels chose to close buffets and serve pre-packaged food, while others limited service at their restaurants. Although this was due to social distancing and to limit face-to-face interaction, hotel owners have taken a thing or two away from this. This includes making a hybrid buffet and tableside service for guests. While guests can eat all they want, but people won’t be able to touch everything, plus there’s going to be less food going to waste.

Regardless of where you plan on travelling in 2021, your hotel will most likely have made some (if not all) of these changes to better accommodate its guests. We suggest that you contact the hotel and ask for their safety precautions and new policies before you book in.