Jubilee Celebrations brings 74% spending surge to hospitality

Jubilee Celebrations brings 74% spending surge to hospitality

Major boost in hospitality spending over the Jubilee weekend

There was much excitement in the hospitality industry before the extended June bank holiday and the public didn't disappoint, heading out in their millions to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee across the country. Bars, restaurants, clubs and venues saw a huge increase in spending and footfall, with events up and down the country catering to packed crowds. The UK's enthusiasm for a celebration has given the recovering hospitality industry a much-needed boost.

Hospitality spending up by 74%

With street parties, live events and a range of creative promotions, the hospitality industry was keen to embrace the celebratory spirit. Pubs, bars and nightclubs saw a surge in spending of 74.2% collectively over the bank holiday weekend. Footfall was also up by 17.1% for the whole week compared to the May average, showing increasing consumer confidence after such an uncertain two years. It looks like people were more than happy to spend on a celebration, with a 67.3% increase in spending on entertainment too.

Growing demand for hospitality & events

After two years of restrictions, it seems like the UK's appetite for dining out has also returned as restaurants saw the average spend over 4 days up by 41% year on year according to Barclaycard. This provides some welcome relief after concerns over the cost-of-living crisis and how it might impact hospitality spending. Hospitality recruitment is also experiencing more demand than ever before, with a need for experienced staff to meet increasing customer demand after a tough two years during the pandemic. Public transport spending was also up as people celebrated close to home.

A brighter summer for hospitality

It looks like customer confidence is rising, with the hospitality sector hoping for further growth in domestic travel and tourism for a successful summer season. People were more than happy to stay in the UK, enjoying relatively good weather and great British food and drink. As people enjoyed a UK staycation for the jubilee and the extended bank holiday, local hospitality businesses should prepare for a better summer, with no restrictions.

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