16 Michelin Star Deletions for 2020

Following the latest Michelin announcements earlier this month, a record amount of new stars were awarded in the 2020 Michelin guide; seeing 1 new three-star restaurant, 4 new two-stars and 3 new one-stars in Britain, including 3 new stars in the Lake District and Manchester’s first star in over 40 years!

Success for some however, can always mean disappointment for others. So, we’ve taken a look at some of this year’s omissions.

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How do you open a Pop-Up Restaurant?

There are many benefits of having a pop-up restaurant, that are similar to having a traditional brick and mortar restaurant but without the high cost of opening. A pop-up is a great way for a chef to show off their culinary skills, whilst expanding their culinary careers. This is as well as levelling the dining field and being able to offer gourmet food at an affordable price. Below we have listed the 7-step guide that will help you to launch your very own pop-up restaurant.

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Hospitality Issues of 2016

As well as a range of food trends that took over 2016, there has also been a number of hospitality issues that have plagued the industry. We had a look to see what those challenges were and whether they could be overcome in 2017.

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Duties of a Sous Chef

The role of a Sous Chef is one of the most sought out positions in the culinary industry.

A Sous Chef is the second in command in the kitchen, below the Executive Chef.

The role of Sous Chef involves significant responsibility, as the Sous Chef must have the capability of leading other workers in the kitchen, remain organised and professional, and report vital information to the Executive Chef.

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It’s your time to shine with QHotels

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Right on Q…
The search is on for bright new talent

If you’re a Hospitality and Events 2016 Graduate and want to put everything you’ve learnt into practice, look no further than QHotels. Their outstanding Graduate Programme ‘Your Time To Shine’ could be the perfect career route for you.

On our quest to discover more we spoke to Lisa Redding, Group Resource Manager at QHotels who gave us a snapshot of what’s on offer.
The 2 Graduate Programmes cover all areas within the hospitality industry, giving you an opportunity to learn new skills as you progress through the different areas of the business. Whether it’s an operational management role you want to explore, or the busy environment of a conference sales office is where you want to be, whatever your goal QHotels will be with you every step of the way to develop you as one of their Managers of the future.

Applications are still open for late entrants.

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People Profile – In the Spotlight… Nick Wyatt

Nick Wyatt

This month we caught up with Nick Wyatt, Chief Operating Officer at TDA Capital Ltd in London. TDA specialise in the art of international luxury goods, hospitality and travel, we were intrigued and wanted to know more about his role (Sorry we couldn’t chat with you in the air Nick!) Here’s what he had to say…

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What salary can I expect from a graduate hospitality job?

It is worth bearing in mind that hospitality management, in regards to running a venue, is very different from working in the hospitality industry under another function, such as human resources or finance departments.

Also, graduate salaries across the industry vary considerably depending on the role and employer.

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