The Food & Drink Trends That Took Over 2016!

Food Trends

A number of food and drink trends dominated the year of 2016, this could have been in street food markets, on various menus or even on social media. So we decided to delve in and find out what those were. Read on to find out!

  • Coconut EVERYTHING
    2016 saw a rise of all things coconut. This was in the forms of water, milk, sugar, flour, cream and even infused to make chips, crackers, spreads, oils and even vinegar. The coconut showed off its versatility this year and either you rode the superfood bandwagon or you stayed off it completely.
  • Gin, gin, gin, gin!
    Something else that rose to fame in 2016 was gin. The sales of the spirit, which had previously been known as ‘mother’s ruin’, have soared. Younger people have finally seen the gin light and this has led to a gin renaissance. Resulting in the first gin hotel to open in London.
  • Turmeric
    Every year there seems to be a spice that takes over and this year it was the turn of turmeric. The health benefits of this spice have long been known in South-east Asian and Indian culture and have been used for centuries in their cuisine and as remedies. But now it is being used with a western twist in a variety of food and drinks. The most notable use of this spice has been in hot drinks, especially to create a Golden Milk Latte. Because of the spice’s ability to help with aches, stiff joints and mood, it is the ideal spice to use in a hot drink.
  • Bowl Foods
    Everything appeared to be in bowl form this year. smoothie bowls, acai bowls, rice bowls, noodles, ramen, buddha bowls etc. The bowl usually contains a good balance of veggies, protein and grains. It’s healthy, usually looks Instagram-worthy and is nutritious and tasty, as well as containing all of your food groups. What’s not to love?
  • Healthy Carbs
    The health kick continued with the need for healthy carbs. Sweet potato instead of a Maris Piper, cauliflower rice instead of white rice and even a lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla wrap. The alternatives were endless and showed the creativity of those trying to stay away from carbs. But let’s be honest, when you are craving chips, you want proper chips!
  • Freakshakes
    If you have a sweet tooth then you have most likely have come across the trend of Freakshakes. It’s a mashup of a milkshake and ice cream but it’s monstrous, hence its name. It originated in Australia and normally contains gooey cake, cookie chunks, cream, colourful toppings and lots of milk. Not one for the diabetics.

The humble slice of toast got a major makeover this year. Toast is the best foundation for any sandwich and meal because of its versatility. These makeovers heavily included the use of the avocado, sometimes peanut butter but there was also unicorn toast, yes unicorn!

So there you have it, just a small number of the food trends that dominated the year of 2016. It makes us wonder, what was your food trend of the year?