How to increase restaurant sales without advertising

Holding a pen while studying charts showing sales increase

Sales are a crucial part of every business and restaurants, like any other business, strive to always focus on their bottom line. The restaurant market that we have today is quite volatile, which makes restaurant sales even trickier.

This makes advertising a critical element in the equation. However, what if you want to increase your restaurant sales without using any advertisement strategies? Is it possible?

The short answer. Yes!

Here are the top 4 ways you can use to increase your restaurant’s sales without advertising:


1. Choose your demographics wisely

Often, a restaurant should be more than just a place to eat and drink. As a restaurateur, you must strive to create an environment where your customers can relax, unwind, and hold small meetings. It’s critical to identify the demographics that you want your restaurant to cater to and set up your services to appeal to your customers.

For instance, experts in contract catering and other hotel management services know that to attract the rich and middle class into your restaurant, you’ll have to work for it. You can start by putting in extra effort to ensure that everything from the menu to the furniture reek of class.


2. Offer combo deals

Who doesn’t love getting more value for their money? Combo deals always look cheaper and more attractive to customers. In addition, it also makes you more money as customers tend to make more orders just because your combo deal appears more affordable. A client who planned to spend a few bucks in one visit may end up spending double or more for your combo deal. Call it a win-win situation.


3. Adjust menu pricing

This doesn’t necessarily mean making your meals more expensive, though. However, your menu pricing may be worth a few adjustments, especially if you want to increase your sales without advertising.

It’s more about ensuring that your food and drink prices are in line with the current market value of the ingredients that you’re using. Adjusting your menu pricing will ultimately pay off in terms of your sales.


4. Offer rewards

This is another concrete way of increasing your restaurant sales without advertising. Customers love being rewarded for dining out. They are also more likely to spend more knowing that they will be rewarded for doing so. Thus, driving your sales.


5. Employ the best

It’s a no brainer that having kind, helpful front of house staff and a great chef in the kitchen is going to lead to repeat visits and ultimately more sales. Make sure that you source the best staff by using a hospitality recruitment agency.


Wrapping up

As a restaurateur, you must always strive to create the best guest experience possible to ensure that your customers return. At best, happy customers are also more likely to talk about their experience with your restaurant and get you more potential clients.