How to promote your restaurant on social media

Taking Food Photograph By Mobile Smart Phone, And Sharing On Social Media

Social media has the power to greatly increase the awareness of your restaurant, but getting it right isn’t always easy, especially when you consider everyone is online today, including your competitors. Carry on reading for 5 tips we think you should know to successfully promote your restaurant on social media.

1. Complete all of your profiles

No matter if you’re just getting started on social media or you’ve had accounts for a while, make sure your opening hours and contact information can be easily accessed via your profile. The fewer clicks it takes for a customer to find out about your restaurant, the better.

2. Take advantage of Facebook Pages

Following on from our point above, Facebook Pages is a great way to display your address and opening hours online. There are a number of other great features to take advantage of too, including inserting ‘Book now’ buttons, enabling reviews, and providing up-to-date information on your services and menus. Facebook is also a great social media site for running exclusive ads and promotions, and you can easily engage with customers via the Messenger app.

3. Post at optimal times

Before you take a closer look at the best times to post on social media below, we recommend making sure you have a good understanding of who your target audience is first.


Best days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Worst day: Tuesday
Best time: Between 1pm – 4pm


Best days: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Worst day: Sunday
Best time: During lunch (11am – 1pm) and after work (5pm – 7pm)


Best days: Weekdays (Monday to Friday)
Worst days: Saturday and Sunday
Best time: During lunch hour (12 pm – 1 pm)

4. Create relevant posts

While we understand you want to promote your restaurant, it’s important you strike a good balance in regards to the type of posts you publish. Promotional posts don’t have to be direct marketing messages. While you can talk about a specific offer or discount, make sure you’re doing this in a visually attractive way. For example, try uploading videos and photos alongside this so your followers can imagine eating at your restaurant.

5. Engage with your followers

The best way to manage social media is to approach it like you would a room full of strangers. You need to tell them a little bit about yourself while engaging with them too. Some good ways to promote engagement on social media include asking questions and encouraging followers to respond in the comments, encouraging them to leave reviews about your restaurant, and incorporating informational content into your strategy (think blog posts, infographics etc).

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