Burnt Toast = Cancer?

Burnt Toast

Could burnt toast cause cancer? It seems it could have the potential to. At least this is what has been outlined in the Food Standards Agency’s latest campaign. Is this something that the hospitality industry needs to worry about? Read on to find out more.

A new Food Standards Agency (FSA) have launched a ‘Go for Gold’ campaign. That focuses on raising awareness of acrylamide and minimising exposure to the chemical when cooking at home. ┬áThis chemical is created when certain foods are cooked for long periods of time at a high temperature. It is now been found that acrylamide has the potential to cause cancer, the reason why the FSA launched the campaign.

In order to minimise the consumption of acrylamide, the FSA have outlined a few tips. Such as aiming for a “golden yellow colour or lighter” when they are frying, baking, toasting and roasting. This especially applies to starchy foods, such as potatoes, root veggies and bread. As well as ensuring that you stay away from burnt toast, they advised that you should stick to the manufacturer’s cooking instructions, eating a balanced and varied diet and not to keep raw potatoes in the fridge.

Those in the hospitality industry would not need to worry about this, as they would already have measures in place regarding burnt food and would be aware of the risks. However, it seems that many will have to review their roast potato recipes to comply with the new health guidelines. It is also worth noting that the British Hospitality Association is currently working with the FSA to create a guide to advise on how to reduce acrylamide.

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