Main Duties of Waiting Staff

Waiting staff work in bars, restaurants and coffeehouses that serve food.

They have the responsibility of ensuring that customers and guests are completely satisfied with their visit from their arrival till the moment they leave.

The duties of any waiting staff are entirely dependent on the type of establishment they work in, e.g. when working within a fast-food restaurant chain, they will need to ensure customers receive a quick service, in comparison to working in restaurants, it is the aim of the waiting staff to offer a relaxed experienced.


Prior to the arrival of customers, waiting staff must prepare tables to ensure everything is presentable and clean. Condiments are checked to ensure they are full and napkins are placed, along with any reserved tables ready for the customers who booked early in advance.

A brief meeting will take place between the staff that covers the menu and any specials that are available.


When customers arrive at the establishment, the waiting staff should greet them and show them to available tables. If regular customers have a favourite table, waiting staff may try to accommodate their wishes.

During busy times, waiting staff aim to maximise occupancy through seating customers at the appropriate size table, keeping large tables for families or groups and seating couples or individuals at smaller tables for two.


While preparing to take the orders of the customer, waiting staff can inform the customers of any specials that are available on that day, and should provide information and advice should the customers ask for it.

It is their duty to keep customers updated on their food order if it is taking a while to cook.


When the food and drinks fro the customers are ready, waiting staff should take them to the allocated tables and lay them out for the customers, checking that the customer has received the correct order and in a timely manner.


Following the end of the meal, waiting staff are encouraged to ask if customers have been satisfied with their meal and the level of service. They should then provide a bill and cover any service charges. Once the customers have left, it is their responsibility to clear, clean and prepare the table for the next customers.

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