Top Ways of Getting a Graduate Job in the Hospitality Industry

When hospitality employers are recruiting from a university, they look specifically for a key set of skills from the graduate candidates.

Getting a graduate job in the hospitality industry requires you to possess most of the below skills; you will need to provide evidence of occasions where you have developed your skills.

Customer service – As this is the heart of any role that can be taken up in the hospitality industry, customer service skills are incredibly vital to your success in potentially getting a job.

Languages – It can be incredibly valuable to have as this allows you a broader spectrum to job hunt abroad. Being multilingual is a desirable skill for UK employers whose hotels receive international guests on a frequent basis.

Financial management – It is handy being comfortable with money handling as this will be a requirement in many hospitality roles; this could range from managing budgets and ordering stock to dealing with staff wages.

Marketing – The hospitality industry is the second largest employer, second to the government. This can be an indicator of how competitive this industry is; thus why if you have the ability to point out the unique selling points (USPs) of your employer, you are making yourself a valuable asset in the company’s development.

Professionalism – It’s easy to have a laugh and a joke when working in such environments, however, it is important to remember that you need to have a professional attitude and business-focused mind in the industry.

Flexibility & adaptability – Most roles in hospitality will require you to work with many people from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures. If you can take on board that you are likely to come into contact with many different backgrounds and cultures, you will be a more effective worker.

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