The importance of making hotel guests feel at ease during these uncertain times

There was a time when the quality of a hotel stay was judged by the standard of the services on offer, the presentation of the bedroom and the overall enjoyment of a guest’s stay. These remain key factors but are no longer the be-all and end-all.

Since the unwelcome arrival of Covid-19 to UK shores, people’s lives have been changed immeasurably. The ability to move around freely has been limited and even though the constraints of lockdown have been largely lifted, many people remain reluctant to leave their home unless it is completely necessary.

Travel is unavoidable for many people

Slowly but surely, people are returning to work and, while many continue to work from home, some must travel to carry out the duties of their employment. This can mean travelling around the country and staying in hotels.

The hotel experience has been fundamentally changed in recent weeks and months. Human contact is no longer allowed and a safe distance is recommended at all times in a collective attempt to halt the spread of the virus. Those staying in hotels on business trips expect, as a minimum requirement, to see the right protocols in place during their visit. Of even greater importance, they expect to be filled with confidence by the mannerisms and behaviours of hotel staff.

On top of offering a warm welcome – from a safe distance – upon arrival, it is important that hotel staff are seen to be doing the right things, such as the wearing correct PPE and the regular use of hand sanitisers. This not only serves as an example for guests, but it also fills them with confidence that they are staying in a hotel that is following all the right protocols. This, in turn, will remove a number of worries that may have been occupying their minds and will give them peace of mind.

Employing the right people is critical, in order to provide reassurance and warmth.

Hotel recruitment has never been more important. They simply must hire competent staff who genuinely care about the welfare of guests. Competent, well-capable employees are not as easy to come by as some may think, especially during such challenging times.

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