How do you open a Pop-Up Restaurant?

There are many benefits of having a pop-up restaurant, that are similar to having a traditional brick and mortar restaurant but without the high cost of opening. A pop-up is a great way for a chef to show off their culinary skills, whilst expanding their culinary careers. This is as well as levelling the dining field and being able to offer gourmet food at an affordable price. Below we have listed the 7-step guide that will help you to launch your very own pop-up restaurant.

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Happy Easter from the James Webber Recruitment team!

Spring is finally here and hopefully we will be seeing more of the sun. If you don’t have any plans for the Easter weekend we have listed a few places for you and the family to visit. Check them out here!

Now in regards to work and recruitment, we have added an interesting article about 5 things that candidates want in a job advert. Do you take these into account when writing a job ad? Find out here.

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Have a Happy Easter and enjoy the sunshine!

Five Things Every Candidate Wants From a Job Ad

Writing job adverts can be difficult sometimes. Not only do you want to a vacancy to sound exciting but you also want to make sure you are attracting the right candidate for your company. has come to the rescue to help you on your job advert writing skills.

It’s not always easy to figure out what candidates really want…

But when you’re writing a job ad, simply covering the basics might not be enough to attract a good quality of applicant – something which could mean missing out on finding your perfect match.

Our own research and insights indicate that the most effective ads are more than a simple job description. And much of it comes down to articulating what really sets your company apart.

To make sure your ads are attracting the best candidates, here are five things every candidate wants from a new job:

Company culture

For many jobseekers, finding an organisation with the right cultural fit is essential.

Aside from ensuring factors like work environment and management style match their needs – they also want to know that the business they’re applying to work for is a reputable brand with good values and social responsibility.

Our research has shown that millennials in particular cite a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) as one of the biggest reasons they’ll work for a company.

Without giving a clear indication in your job advert of what it’s really like to work for your company, you’re making it harder for candidates to gauge their suitability.

Career prospects

When it comes to finding the right role, career prospects will always be important.

In fact, if a job advert clearly states the possibility of long-term progression, candidates are far more likely to consider it. And that doesn’t just refer to promotion opportunities – they also want to know there are ways to develop their skills through training and development.

After all, no one wants their career to stand still.

So whether it’s helping to fund a qualification, running workshops, or offering secondments, there are many ways to promote employee wellbeing and job satisfaction through learning and growth.

Not only will providing these opportunities improve the amount of interest your vacancy receives, it’ll also mean those who are employed are more likely to stay.

An attractive salary

Let’s face it, money matters.

In fact, across all age and experience levels, salary averages out as the highest priority for those looking for a new role.

Because although it’s not the only thing people look for in a job, it’s almost always the first thing. Providing details of the salary packages on offer in your organisation will help prospective employees build a picture of their suitability for the job.

And with two in three jobseekers being more likely to apply when a salary is displayed, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Flexibility (work-life balance)

Not only do the majority of jobseekers strive for the right work-life balance, they also want an employer who understands its importance – and respects their employees’ need to have a life outside of work.

This, as well as a role in a convenient location, will allow your potential employees to benefit from improved morale – not to mention a greater level of motivation when it comes to their workload.

So to reach the right applicants, focus on giving them what they want. Whether it’s by providing details of options to work remotely, or opening up the option of flexible working hours, be sure to include the right information in your ad.

Good benefits

For in-demand candidates, attractive benefits can act as a key deciding factor when choosing a job.

Whether it’s a generous pension, a good healthcare scheme, or a substantial holiday allowance – benefits like these could be just the thing that sets you apart from other employers.

Company perks are also becoming more and more prevalent in many industries – with things like workplace recreational activities (e.g. ping pong tables, arcade games), in-house gyms, and healthy food initiatives often on the forefront of jobseekers’ minds.

So if you’ve got methods in place to boost employee wellbeing – even if it’s ‘just’ a pension, discount scheme or anything else – shout about them in your job ads.


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We recently have come across a very inspiring book by the former CEO of Macdonald Hotels, David Guile. This book teaches the way of leadership and how to get the best out of your team. Whether trying to be a leader in the hospitality business or in any other career, this book offers you the best advice. Find out more about David Guile’s book Potential: Find it. Own it. Work it. here.

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Potential: Find it. Work it. Love it. by David Guile

Former CEO of Macdonald Hotels, David Guile, has released an incredible book on how to be the best manager/leader you can be and how to get the best out of your team. David Guile is one of the leading figures in hospitality and in this inspiring book he offers the best advice and will teach you the Dynamics of Potential with fantastic results. Find out more about the book and author here.

This book is perfect for people who want to become leaders or further their career in hospitality or in any career. It has just been released and you can buy it on or just click here!

Latest News from James Webber Recruitment

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