The Food & Drink Trends That Took Over 2016!

A number of food and drink trends dominated the year of 2016, this could have been in street food markets, on various menus or even on social media. So we decided to delve in and find out what those were. Read on to find out!

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Duties of a Sous Chef

The role of a Sous Chef is one of the most sought out positions in the culinary industry.

A Sous Chef is the second in command in the kitchen, below the Executive Chef.

The role of Sous Chef involves significant responsibility, as the Sous Chef must have the capability of leading other workers in the kitchen, remain organised and professional, and report vital information to the Executive Chef.

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Hospitality Industry Supports Calls for Whisky Tax Reduction

The first reduction made to spirits duty by the UK government in almost two decades, last March, and the Scottish Whisky Association (SWA) are calling for another 2% drop to the whisky tax.

The hospitality industry is supporting the calls made from whisky chiefs for a cut to Scotch excise duties in next month’s budget.

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