16 Michelin Star Deletions for 2020

Following the latest Michelin announcements earlier this month, a record amount of new stars were awarded in the 2020 Michelin guide; seeing 1 new three-star restaurant, 4 new two-stars and 3 new one-stars in Britain, including 3 new stars in the Lake District and Manchester’s first star in over 40 years!

Success for some however, can always mean disappointment for others. So, we’ve taken a look at some of this year’s omissions.

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The Food & Drink Trends That Took Over 2016!

A number of food and drink trends dominated the year of 2016, this could have been in street food markets, on various menus or even on social media. So we decided to delve in and find out what those were. Read on to find out!

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Hospitality Issues of 2016

As well as a range of food trends that took over 2016, there has also been a number of hospitality issues that have plagued the industry. We had a look to see what those challenges were and whether they could be overcome in 2017.

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What salary can I expect from a graduate hospitality job?

It is worth bearing in mind that hospitality management, in regards to running a venue, is very different from working in the hospitality industry under another function, such as human resources or finance departments.

Also, graduate salaries across the industry vary considerably depending on the role and employer.

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Top Ways of Getting a Graduate Job in the Hospitality Industry

When hospitality employers are recruiting from a university, they look specifically for a key set of skills from the graduate candidates.

Getting a graduate job in the hospitality industry requires you to possess most of the below skills; you will need to provide evidence of occasions where you have developed your skills.

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How to Get a Job in Hospitality

If you’re seeking out a job role in hospitality, then you’re at the right place!

hotel jobsWorking in hospitality can present itself with many benefits. For some, they can narrow down what they find most enjoyable to two main things: people and diversity.

Hospitality allows you meet all kinds of different individuals either through your colleagues or those whom you are looking after that each have diverse, cultured backgrounds. Again, the diverse work that you come across, especially during times of events, you will approach every day as a new challenge and, ultimately, be learning as you’re working!

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20th March – Jobs of the Week

Here are our latest Jobs of the Week:

Restaurant Manager | West Midlands: http://goo.gl/1kyZR5

Pastry Chef | Devon: http://goo.gl/yKGBkr

Junior Sous Chef | Gloucestershire: http://goo.gl/H3OqO5

Sous Chef | Devon : http://goo.gl/eqEHO6

General Manager | http://goo.gl/9OmD31

Sales & Event Manager | Kent: http://goo.gl/kxcBOF

6th March – Jobs of the Week

Restaurant Manager – Hotel – West Midlands – Apply via http://goo.gl/HKXiut

Sous Chef – Hotel – Hampshire – Apply via http://goo.gl/fCcHnT

General Manager – Hotel – Greater Manchester – Apply via http://goo.gl/BhOqLP

Membership Sales Executive – Leisure – Northampton – Apply via http://goo.gl/dOqdAS

Assistant Financial Controller – Hotel – Glasgow – Apply via http://goo.gl/xzHTju

Banqueting Manager – Hotel – Hampshire – Apply via http://goo.gl/urJzLf

Assistant Food & Beverage Manager – Hotel – Hampshire – Apply via http://goo.gl/rZUEQ2

Chef De Partie – Hotel – Devon –  Apply via http://goo.gl/82JepJ

Sous Chef – Hotel – Devon – Apply via http://goo.gl/EzRDp5

20th February – Jobs of the Week

Here’s a recap of our “Jobs of the Week” for 20th February 2015:

Reception Manager – Hotel – West Yorkshire – Apply via http://goo.gl/gUdoYc

Deputy General Manager – Hotel – Berkshire – Apply via http://goo.gl/q867yE

Sous Chef – Hotel/Restaurant – South Wales – Apply via http://goo.gl/z7tho3

Commis Chef – Hotel – Cardiff – Apply via http://goo.gl/jqPdnR

Junior Sous Chef – Hotel – Dorset – Apply via http://goo.gl/P020PY

Chef de Partie – Hotel – Cardiff – Apply via http://goo.gl/9kd7fZ

Commis Chef – Hotel – Cornwall – Apply via http://goo.gl/ufjYjs

Chef de Partie – Hotel – Cornwall – Apply via http://goo.gl/JsN50B