Is one of the world’s most famous chefs ready to sell his empire?

According to reports, the ever famous Gordon Ramsay, one of the world most renowned chefs, is set to sell up to a massive 50 per cent of his company Kavalake, which is the holding company for all of his restaurants including Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

Mr. Ramsay is supposedly in discussion with a number of people in order to secure an investor to further expand his business. According to sources, it’s suggested that it could cost a cool £80 million for the business.

As of late, Mr. Ramsay has successfully cut down costs and the under-performance of restaurants overseas. In their latest accounts, statistics show the that business achieved sales of around £45 million.

Could Gordon be ready to sell?

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Social media is a great way to gain a job

If you use sites like Facebook and Twitter to check in with your friends, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity. Employment experts say that social media isn’t just for networking, but to actually search for and interact with potential employers. The way we use social media in the past 2-3 years has changed dramatically, with millions of companies taking the leap into the world of Facebook and Twitter.

With the social media revolution, companies have changed the way they hire, with some even skipping recruitment agencies and advertising jobs via the various social media platforms. One of the most popular sites for networking is LinkedIn, which is growing rapidly worldwide, reporting more than 225 million users from 200 countries and territories as of June 2013.

Another reason to consider LinkedIn as a serious contender is that according to, 89 percent of employers are regularly using LinkedIn to find talent, being able to search sectors and job titles in seconds. LinkedIn even has an option where you can advertise jobs which are seemingly broadcasted to everyone who search for that type. Often, companies will also use Facebook and Twitter to advertise open positions. These kind of adverts are gaining popularity as they reach a lot of people, don’t cost the company any money and they can utilize these services for advertising key positions.

Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate the world of social media in your search for employment:

Making your profile complete

Creating a profile on any social media site is a good start, but your ultimate goal should be to reach 100 percent completeness in any profile that you create. Adding your resume and expertise, get endorsements from past colleagues or clients, and be sure to have an active movement in group and discussion boards.

We also recommend that you keep your profile fresh with new content on a regular basis, adding new certifications or responsibilities, for example. Social media accounts are the virtual representation of you. They allow you to build a personal brand that’s yours alone and in today’s world of computing it’s common for employers to look up prospective interviewees before giving an interview. Share content about your successes, things that have been great for your professional career, your current work and some industry news whilst keeping everything light hearted!


Joining groups on social media pages may provide information on career events, offering great opportunities for your job and networking. It’s important to implement a good strategy in advance when beginning a social media job search.

LinkedIn is a great way to find out who’s currently working at your dream company, allows you to connect with them (if they accept) and then you can get to know them through messages or applications like Skype. Even if the company of your dreams isn’t hiring at the moment, at least getting to know the right people will give you a great advantage ahead of time, making them think of you when a job opportunity arises.

Stay professional

Staying professional is key, especially when contacting past colleagues and friends. Recent graduates are very social media savvy, yet you all still need to convey a professional manner of, with correct grammar and sensible, respectful conversations.

Be sure to avoid posting any controversial/ inappropriate photos or comments on social media sites, as these can linger for years and can be found by a simple search of your name. This will completely damage any chance of work if you’re seen to be inappropriate or irresponsible.

Alternatively, you could create both a personal profile and a business one. It’s similar to how people have separate email addresses, one informal and one for business

Try up and coming sites

There are new social media sites popping up all of the time, so don’t be afraid to try new things and new avenues. For example, is a website that provides a fantastic way to find content and learn about current or prospective employees. In short, it provides an easy to remember URL, convenient interaction, space for a large picture and bio information that tells the story of that person. also incorporates an analytics feature that tells the user who is viewing information about you or your business, allowing you to see what viewers do on your page, giving you rom for improvement.