How to increase restaurant sales without advertising

Sales are a crucial part of every business and restaurants, like any other business, strive to always focus on their bottom line. The restaurant market that we have today is quite volatile, which makes restaurant sales even trickier.

This makes advertising a critical element in the equation. However, what if you want to increase your restaurant sales without using any advertisement strategies? Is it possible?

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How to promote your restaurant on social media

Social media has the power to greatly increase the awareness of your restaurant, but getting it right isn’t always easy, especially when you consider everyone is online today, including your competitors. Carry on reading for 5 tips we think you should know to successfully promote your restaurant on social media.

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Is one of the world’s most famous chefs ready to sell his empire?

According to reports, the ever famous Gordon Ramsay, one of the world most renowned chefs, is set to sell up to a massive 50 per cent of his company Kavalake, which is the holding company for all of his restaurants including Restaurant Gordon Ramsay.

Mr. Ramsay is supposedly in discussion with a number of people in order to secure an investor to further expand his business. According to sources, it’s suggested that it could cost a cool £80 million for the business.

As of late, Mr. Ramsay has successfully cut down costs and the under-performance of restaurants overseas. In their latest accounts, statistics show the that business achieved sales of around £45 million.

Could Gordon be ready to sell?

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