Hotel management during the coronavirus

Hotel management during the coronavirus

Managing a hotel has never been more challenging. The uncertainty caused by the unwelcome arrival of the coronavirus has struck a sense of fear into millions of people across the UK.

With so many people being forced to cancel holidays abroad, the collective focus has turned towards ‘staycations’. People need a break like never before. This has placed the spotlight on the UK hospitality industry and, in particular, hotels.

Those who choose to take a break away for a few days are still doing so at their own risk. As soon as they leave their home environment and descend upon a hotel which is populated by hundreds of relative strangers, the risk factor intensifies.

A key role to play

This is where hotels have a significant role to play. In the current climate, the most effective way of helping guests to enjoy their stay is by putting their minds at ease. This is achieved by being seen to carry out all the correct protocols.

The responsibility falls on the hotel, and chiefly the hotel manager, to ensure they are taking every possible precaution to safeguard the wellbeing of guests. Everything from social-distancing protocols to wall-mounted hand sanitizers to partitioned zones in bars and restaurants is crucial.

Hotel managers will, of course, delegate these tasks but the responsibility falls on the manager to ensure they are carried out.

Temperature checks on arrival

It is important that each guest is temperature-checked on arrival and, if the hotel is still using a reception check-in system, plexiglass should be used to separate guests from employees. Furthermore, signage should inform guests about the importance of wearing face masks when walking through the hotel or using lifts.

As well as making guests feel safe and relaxed, managers must provide a safe working environment for staff. Cleaning staff should be brought up to speed on new hotel cleaning regulations. Additionally, where room service is offered, employees should leave food and drinks outside the guest’s door, covered over by foil or clingfilm.

The best chance any business in the hospitality industry has of succeeding is by recruiting talented and hard-working staff who care about what they do. This includes all roles, from cleaners (who have never been more important) to management.

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