How to retain quality talent in hospitality

How to retain quality talent in hospitality

When it comes to the hospitality industry, there’s no denying that staff plays a crucial role especially after dealing with the devastating effects of Covid-19. Even with the best menu or interior design, without high-quality staff, a hotel or restaurant is doomed to fail. So, what can managers do to ensure they’re hiring and retaining talent that adds value to their business in the wake of a pandemic? Keep reading on for the best ways to retain quality talent in the hospitality industry.

Offer quality training and progression opportunities

According to a recent a recent study conducted by YouGov and Deputy, the hospitality industry currently has an employee turnover rate of 30%. This is double the turnover rate of the national average and is projected to increase due to the fallout of Brexit and the pandemic. With such high levels of turnover to be expected, managers need to find ways to retain quality talent. The hospitality industry lost lots of valuable workers during national lockdowns who were forced to seek employment elsewhere. Because of this, the pickings are slim.

A great way to instil a feeling of purpose in your employees is by offering quality training sessions and progression opportunities. Instead of restricting members or staff to a certain role without the potential for progression, it’s important to offer training in other areas of the business. This shows your employees that you value their contribution to the company and are actively looking for ways they can broaden their skills. This lets your team know that you are actively involved in their progression and can inspire them to work in various roles.

Provide perks

If you’re not able to provide your employees with the salary increases they deserve, it’s important to provide perks in order to keep them around. With hospitality workers abandoning the world of restaurants and hotels for pastures anew during the pandemic, there needs to be an enticing reason for these quality workers to return. Simple perks that can go a long way with employees include employee discounts, a free meal or drink after completing each shift or a bonus scheme for selling certain items.

It’s also important to establish a positive culture that your team looks forward to working with. Why not host holiday parties each year for your team to show how much you value their contribution or offer a designated ‘employee of the month’ parking space right up front? Simple perks can go a long way.

Treat your team with respect

Quality employees stick around at high-quality restaurants and hotels. If you offer your team training sessions and progression opportunities, perks, and show them you care by creating a culture you’re proud of, you’re more likely to retain talent that’s hard to come by. Making your establishment a great place to work is more important than ever after dealing with the effects of Covid-19. Old and tired methods of retaining great staff simply won't cut the mustard anymore. Why not institute some positive changes today and watch how your staff responds? You may be surprised to find out how little changes can have a huge impact on morale and retention rates.

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