Staff Retention in Hospitality

Staff Retention in Hospitality

How to boost staff retention in hospitality

The commercial problems caused by staff churn need no introduction if you’re an owner or manager in the hospitality sector.

Pre-pandemic, the top peeve for hospitality business owners was probably the wasted resources from finding and training personnel who then quickly left. Now, staff retention is an even bigger issue, which could cost you your business. Hospitality recruitment is harder due to Brexit and the demands of COVID-19 compliance, so you need to build loyalty.

We thought it would be helpful to put together staff retention ideas that support hospitality recovery and build stable workforces.

Get the right staff, with the right attitude

The first tip for retaining hospitality staff is to create focused recruitment policies and procedures. If you spread your net in a strategic way, with a clear idea of the talent needed to build your venture, you have more chance of finding personnel who will stay.

Manage expectations and career paths

When recruiting, counterbalance ill-informed publicity about rates of pay and work conditions by showing potential employees how you will support them to achieve their personal and financial goals.

Also, manage the expectations of potential recruits. You must clearly explain the job role, company benefits and your operating systems. Then, invest in proper onboarding of new staff.

Appreciate them!

This is a fundamental way to stop staff turnover. Constantly remind your team they're valued and listened to. Around 66% of people who change jobs are motivated by feeling under-appreciated!

“Thank you” goes a long way in building staff loyalty, as does transparency and keeping your team updated.

Engagement and inclusion

Always make time for one-to-one staff reviews and offer an empathetic line manager to talk to in the meantime.

Build a diverse and supportive culture in your workplace. This includes recognising that emotional and mental health is as important as physical wellbeing.

A survey by Gallup found a 41% decrease in absenteeism when companies engaged effectively with their staff. There’s also evidence that better staff engagement increases profit by as much as 21%. Build team spirit and tackle any friction between different departments or individuals quickly.

Invest in automation and loyalty incentives

Technology can automate some of the more mundane processes in your business. Promote this to staff by providing them with tools to make their job easier.

It's also a good idea to consider a scheme offering loyalty bonuses, such as a pay increase or more holiday time after reaching various milestones.

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