Staffing crisis solutions

Staffing crisis solutions

Possible solutions to the UK hospitality staff crisis

The UK hospitality industry is facing a labour crisis. The vacancies in the industry are some of the highest in history with most of them failing to get applicants. Even top acclaimed venues are struggling to draw new workers.

The Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit are some of the top reasons cited for the labour crisis. Reports indicate that a fifth of the workforce left the industry due to Coronavirus. At the same time, those who wish to resume work are forced to wait as they are directed to self-isolate by the NHS.

There were hopes of special visa schemes to help address the labour issues, as in with the HGV truck driver and poultry workers shortages before Christmas. However, reports indicate no such offers would be available for hospitality or any other industry.

This means the hospitality industry must look for other options to address the labour shortage.

Higher pay and fair working hours

The low pay in the hospitality industry is one of the reasons why most prospective employees are not applying for the available vacancies. Most of the roles within the sector pay a minimum wage which puts the available workers off.

At the same time, the jobs within the industry come with long working hours. Unlike the other regular jobs in the UK with an expected 40 hours work week, those in hospitality can clock up to 60 hours regularly.

The time out of work during the pandemic has shown the existing workers other available opportunities with better pay and lesser work hours.

With the economy reopening and most jobs opening at the same time, it's only given that most workers would not wish to return to the hospitality environment unless they can provide similar working conditions to other jobs.

Change of industry culture

There's no certainty that the job crisis in the hospitality industry will be contained once the pandemic is over or under control.

Reports indicate the pandemic has only increased this. This can only mean the crisis is a result of the industry's culture.

The industry must restructure to make it an ideal option for anyone looking for work. It has to ensure a work-life balance for its employees and provide ideal working conditions. It should also focus on training and skills development.

What is the future of the hospitality industry?

The labour crisis in the hospitality industry is a long-term issue that will take some time to solve. The workforce will only become functional once the industry starts offering better pay, ideal working hours and favourable working conditions. Otherwise, the available labour will always be looking for "greener pastures" in other industries.