Top tips for running an eco-friendly hotel

Top tips for running an eco-friendly hotel

The ongoing climate crisis should not be forgotten about within the hospitality industry, even though it may be the last thing on our minds post-COVID. As more people become environmentally conscious, choosing a green hotel is increasingly at the top of customers' wish lists. Despite myths telling us that being eco-friendly means reducing quality or increasing maintenance costs, there are many simple steps hotels can make to become more eco-friendly without compromising on quality. In this list, we run down our top tips for running an eco-friendly hotel.

Automate energy

One of the simplest eco-friendly moves which will save you money is automating energy use in the hotel. This could be as simple as investing in room sensors that detect movement and light to switch lights on and off and increase bulb brightness automatically. You could also install smart thermostats to automate the AC and heating systems. These moves, especially alongside bigger changes such as installing solar panels and/or a water recycling system, will greatly decrease the amount of energy used by guests and staff alike, reducing your carbon footprint and your bills.

Reduce plastic

Reducing our use of single-use plastic is one of the most important factors when it comes to building a sustainable ecosystem. In a hotel, the most practical way to do this is to consider ditching the plastic key cards for a keyless door system and remote check-ins, which also doubles down on the unnecessary use of paper. Provide reusable cutlery instead of plastic and organic soaps and shampoos in biodegradable packaging. You could provide reusable water bottles for employees and install water fountains throughout to discourage the use of single-use plastic bottles.

Encourage sustainable travel

It’s good to have an eco-friendly hotel, but what about the way your staff and customers reach you? You could encourage the use of public transport with clearly signposted information or invest in providing a group shuttle service. Have electric car charging points in the car park, as well as safe cycle storage to encourage these sustainable methods of travelling. You could even consider implementing an eBike rental system at your hotel, which is an increasingly popular activity for tourists and commuters alike and could bring you profit.

Having an eco-friendly hotel can help attract more customers and more of the highest quality staff to your organisation. Contact the expert team at JW Recruitment today for help with hotel recruitment.