What does the return-to-work message mean for hospitality?

What does the return-to-work message mean for hospitality?

What does the return-to-work message mean for hospitality?

The most recent change to covid-19 guidelines in the UK is the removal of the advice to work from home in England and Scotland. This means that millions of people are now returning to offices after nearly two years of working from home. So, what does this change mean for the hospitality industry?

Fewer restrictions

Now that the majority of restrictions for hospitality have been relaxed, this means that businesses can finally operate as normal and at full capacity, without having to facilitate social distancing and controlled movement around the premises. This will hopefully have a positive impact on business, working practices and the customer experience in the hospitality industry, leading to a steadier footing for the industry as a whole.

Increased footfall

The return of workers to office environments is good news for hospitality recovery because it will bring more people back into town and city centres and increase the demand for hospitality services. For example, lunch and breakfast foods to go, takeaway coffees and corporate catering will once again be well utilised. This also means a return of after-work drinks which could have a positive impact on pub trade and bar recruitment.

Covid risks

With the legal requirements to wear masks, socially distance and record contact details being removed, this means that staff might be at an increased risk of coming into contact with covid. Businesses should make sure they continue to assess the risks and put procedures in place to ensure staff are both safe and comfortable. Being fully vaccinated and adhering to testing and self-isolation guidelines is key to reducing the risks.


Now that large gatherings can be facilitated, this is another piece of good news for the hospitality industry. Previously cancelled office parties and work events are likely to take place once again, as companies work to reintegrate teams face to face and enjoy taking part in social events face to face after so long. This will be a much-needed boost for events-based hospitality and catering services, not to mention public morale.


As things continue to get back to normal, this will hopefully drive an increase in demand for hospitality which might lead to a need for recruitment as things get busier. After a period of so much change and uncertainty, this could be a good time to look at attracting new people to the hospitality industry and refreshing training programmes for new staff.

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