Will the government add hospitality to the skilled worker scheme?

Will the government add hospitality to the skilled worker scheme?

The UK government is looking at adding hospitality to the list of up-skilling options for all skilled workers. Brexit, declining domestic populations, and employment changes have all contributed to the need for the government to support businesses that wish to develop workers with a wide range of skills and knowledge to meet new challenges.

There is even talk of expanding this scheme over time so it would not be restricted just to skilled workers already in the UK but also allow people who have skills as long as they have a properly recognised qualification or experience.

As one of the countries with a world-class hotel industry, it will be interesting to see what effect these changes have on recruitment for all areas inside and outside of the hospitality sector.

The benefit of adding hospitality to the skilled workers' scheme

This move is an attempt to remedy a shortage of workers in the hotel industry. The UK has needed this change for some time now and hopefully, it will have some positive effects on recruitment within the hospitality sector as well as other industries that could benefit from it too.
How are hospitality skilled workers recruited?
Hospitality is one of the sectors where there is a huge need for workers and hospitality recruitment has traditionally been a sector that has struggled in recruiting skilled workers.

More hotels are opening, and more jobs are being advertised, but according to research, hospitality is one of the most difficult industries to recruit for due to the high level of competition.
It's estimated that 70 million tourists visit the UK each year, with about 1 out of 8 visitors staying in a hotel for at least 1 night during their trip. This means there is an annual spend of about £5 billion in hotels alone and hotels employ around 170,000 people.

Challenges of hiring hospitality skilled workers
The hospitality industry is famous for having a very low level of recruitment and turnover for all levels of chefs, waiters, bar staff, and other hospitality work posts. In some cities, it's estimated that half the kitchen staff will have changed by the end of their first year, with only half staying at least a full year.
The reason for this is fairly straightforward: hoteliers may not meet the kitchen staff demands. This means that staffs that come from countries with higher levels of average wage tend to stay a year than if they came from countries where the average wage is lower.

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